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Hi, my name is Nicole Mayer (also known as Niki Maria). I am a graphic and web designer that specializes in Front End Web Development. Throughout the last 12 years, I have both attended school and honed in on webinars, conferences, training sites like and others, to grow as a web developer.  I work tirelessly to create strong and valuable connections within my industry so I can learn and grow as a programmer. I love my industry and crafting websites for companies gives me pleasure beyond anything I could do elsewhere. My mission for myself is to never assume to know enough or stop trying to learn because you never know what else you will learn throughout your life. I classify programmers as professional Googler’s because we do spend a lot of our days Googling ideas and solutions for each website we touch.

About Me

I am a mom to two amazing little boys, Grayson who is 3 and Sebastian who is 10.  I spend a lot of my time reading with them, watching silly movies and playing with them.  We love to go on adventures and share our day over a meal. Everything I do is for my boys and my best friend and future husband Tyler.  I enjoy listening to music, reading, studying the Bible (but I am not an overbearing religious person), hanging with family and friends, and creating things (websites, graphics, etc.).

I recently took a job with the Hope Center for Autism in Stuart, FL to help them create more of a presence through social media marketing, SEO and the creation of a new website that is geared toward helping families.  Currently, their website is built using and I am going to move it to WordPress.

The reason I took the position with this company is because of my 3 year old Grayson.  He was diagnosed with Autism when he was 2 years old.  His father and I knew something was wrong and we fought hard to understand and help him.  Autism affects so many children and many of the parent’s do not have a clue how to get their child help.  I encourage people to visit The Hope Center for Autism for assistance.

Organizations I Support

My Interests

I enjoy quick trips to Disney or a weekend trip to the beach or state park.

I love music, especially folky guitar songs and indie or electro.

I love to sing all types of music and create my own using the Garage Band App.

In this house, we all love to dance. If there is music, we like to move.

I enjoy a good home cooked meal with my closest family.

I love to build websites in WordPress. I also enjoy finding new plugins.

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